Has been in existence since 1993, and has marketed CHIC INNERWEAR, (PREMIUM RANGE OF INNERWEAR FOR WOMEN) CHICITA ( inner wear for lill angels from 2-14 years)

SLIC Economy range of innerwear for women.


With strong partnership of Ms Geeta Singh. Creator of the above brands. She has the expertise, and experience since the brand creation in the year 1986. Her detailed understanding of the comfortable undergarment for a woman, opened a plethora of good quality undergarments, and thus the birth of CHIC PANTIES. Soon the brand got popular all over India,   that led her to create a brand for the lill girls, CHICITA took birth in the year 1997.  

Ms Naazneen Katrak , her expertise in marketing Mustang Socks and Chic innerwear, took the brands from shop to shop in Mumbai and interiors of Maharastra    

Mr Tejinder Singh MBA in marketing management, worked wonders in establishing the brand in its home territory in Mumbai and Maharashtra. So profound and pristine was the creation of the brand on the home turf,    that it soon spread its wings and set up a marketing office in Delhi to cater to the markets like Delhi, NCR. Punjab, Jammu and UP. 

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